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Bending the healthcare cost curve for all.


We are incredibly proud of the critical role we play in the U.S. healthcare system. During 2023, we identified $22.9 billion of potential medical savings, and helped lower out-of-pocket costs and reduce or eliminate balance billing for millions of healthcare consumers. With the ongoing expansion and enhancement of our services and products, we have never been better positioned to increase the value we deliver to more than 700 customers, over 100,000 employers, 60 million consumers, and 1.4 million contracted providers.

We analyze

$ 0 Billion

in medical charges for cost reduction

We identify

$ 0 Billion

in potential savings for payors

We process

0 Million

medical claims each month

We eliminate balance bills on

0 Million

claims for plan members

Reported annually

Analytics-Based Services

Out-of-network reference-based & cost-based pricing and negotiation services

Data & Decision Science Services

Decision making with actionable data

Network-Based Services

Flexible, custom networks for commercial and government payors

Payment and Revenue Integrity Services

Detect, prevent and recover overpayments

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MultiPlan’s team of experts helps healthcare payors manage the cost of care, improve their competitiveness and inspire positive change.

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