MultiPlan's Data
Mining Service

Turning Data into Gold by Identifying, Preventing, Correcting and Recovering Overpaid Claims

MultiPlan’s Data Mining team identifies overpayments for issues not related to eligibility. We look for errors relating to policy, contracts, and pricing among other things. While other vendors offer similar services, there are many reasons you should partner with MultiPlan. Here are a few differentiators that set us apart.

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  • Flexibility. We work with each client to customize concepts to identify their overpayments. Our clients choose whether they want to use an incremental approach to implementing our service or start full strength, and clients decide where they want to use us in their hierarchy, as the first or last pass or anywhere in between.

  • Expertise. Our team boasts extensive knowledge of CMS, Medicaid, Medicare, and client-specific guidelines. We manually review all findings to ensure accuracy and present only vetted results. This allows us to customize and send thorough, claim-specific letters to providers that help with recovery efforts.

  • A Partnership Approach. We don’t think of ourselves as our clients’ vendor. We’re their partner. As such, we work with each client to customize an approach that meets their specific needs. Our work is transparent, and we are quick to respond to inquiries.
  • Quality Control. To minimize client and provider abrasion and maximize recoveries, our team of experts reviews submissions to ensure all compliance objectives are completed as intended. We validate 100% of overpayments so that you can have confidence in our findings.

  • Innovativeness.  Because MultiPlan’s Data Mining service is often used for later passes, we have to be creative to find what others missed. We build concepts based on client-specific contracts. Our in-depth analysis empowers us to target the providers most likely to refund payors.

  • Technology and Analytics. We leverage machine learning, data modeling and predictive analytics to identify overpayments with the highest rates of recovery.

Combined, our Data Mining clients have saved over $100 million. Find out what overpayments are hiding in your data. There’s no risk involved. Your payment is based on the overpayments we find for you. If there are no recoveries, we don’t get paid.