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MultiPlan Payments

Simplifying payments for healthcare payors

Paying providers can be unnecessarily complicated and time consuming for healthcare payors, involving multiple staff members and various systems. Making things even more challenging is the large number of providers who need to be paid, all in different locations with different payment preferences. MultiPlan Payments service helps by simplifying the process while reducing costs.

Value we add


Increased Digital Adoption

Leverage a network of 1.6 million providers and their payment and remittance delivery preferences

Streamlined 1099 Demands

 Automate 1099 matching, filing, and reporting and eliminate manual processing and costly fines

Enhanced Fraud Protection & Security

Safeguard payments with strict enrollment validation protocols and account status confirmations

Ways we help


Provider Payments

MultiPlan manages the payment process from start to finish, including 1099 processing and reporting requirements.


Clients who use MultiPlan Payments also have the option of having MultiPlan create their EOBs and implement electronic delivery to their members.

Member ID Cards

Clients who use MultiPlan Payments can have MultiPlan oversee creation and distribution of ID cards.

Why MultiPlan Payments?

As your holistic claims management partner, we address claims payment efficiency and overall cost containment. Here’s how:

We handle the paper check processing

Let us reduce your operational and mailing costs

We offer multiple electronic payment options for providers

Get the highest level of provider adoption while fostering good relationships. As providers submit more claims, your revenue share from payments increases, maximizing ROI.

We work to keep payments secure and prevent fraud

Strict enrollment validation protocols, account status confirmations, and identification of emerging risks safeguard payments

We make client fees & revenue share transparent to you

There are no hidden fees prior to client revenue share

We handle the 1099s

Let us fully handle the processing and reporting requirements 

We simplify the management of EOB rules

We create EOBs and electronically deliver them to members



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