Medical benefits are a huge driver of the cost of workers’ compensation services. In fact, they represent 47.1% of workers’ compensation benefits paid in 2020, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. To help property and casualty payors reduce these costs while ensuring workers receive quality care, MultiPlan provides tailored Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical provider networks. These networks deliver superior savings and customer support.

What makes MultiPlan’s Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical networks different?

MultiPlan’s workers’ compensation and auto medical services include very broad networks with deep discounts and accurate provider data.

With over 700,000 providers representing many specialties, our workers’ compensation network ensures injured workers get the care they need when they need it. In addition, we directly contract with 99% of these providers. Our auto medical network includes over 650,000 providers. It is also the only completely independent, directly contracted national provider network.

We achieve up to 24% below the amounts allowed by bill review by using our commercial contracts with hospitals and providers. Our clients also benefit from our relationships with group health plans. We have developed these relationships over 42 years in the business. Thus, our decades of experience mean we have important connections and knowledge of the healthcare community.

A network solution is not a solution if the patient cannot be sure their provider is licensed and still practicing. “PPOs have a bad reputation when it comes to provider directories. The provider is deceased, he’s lost his license, that sort of thing,” says Andrew Rymer, Vice President of Workers’ Compensation Sales. That is why MultiPlan regularly contacts providers to ensure their information is correct. We then give our clients access to this data to use as they see fit.

How does MultiPlan customize provider networks for property and casualty payors?

Having the right providers can drive better results for all—quicker return to work, healthier employees and lower medical costs. Therefore, we make it easy for our clients to configure their networks with the best providers in their area. Our clients can choose their network’s location, type and position within a hierarchy. In addition, our clients can select which types of providers to allow. They can also exclude and nominate providers as needed.

How does MultiPlan handle provider credentialing?

MultiPlan credentials all providers using virtually the same strict credentialing process that we use for our PHCS Network. The PHCS network is the only national independently contracted primary PPO that the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has accredited for credentialing. Most physicians and hospitals participating in MultiPlan’s Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical Networks also participate in the PHCS Network. This means they are also credentialed following NCQA standards. MultiPlan recredentials physicians and facilities every three years.

What are some examples of clients who have benefited from MultiPlan’s network offering for property and casualty payors?

Our clients include some of the largest insurance carriers, third party administrators and other property and casualty networks. MultiPlan networks increase our clients’ in-network coverage, lift savings and ensure quality care. For example, we were able to add access to 2,200 additional hospitals and over half a million other providers through our workers’ compensation network for one workers’ compensation services provider. As a result, the client maintained managed care certifications in three markets and achieved nearly $3 million in annual savings.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about MultiPlan’s network solutions for property and casualty payors, contact us.