Healthcare Providers

To navigate in today’s competitive healthcare landscape, you need the right network partner.

Online service allows you to:

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  • Verify provider network participation
  • Submit billing and network inquiries
  • Check application and request status
  • Access client lists
  • Request fee schedules, contracts and rosters
  • Add providers to a group
  • Update demographic information
  • Obtain and submit group rosters

Are you a healthcare provider already participating in our networks?

MultiPlan brings value to its participating providers

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  • Lower patient out of pocket expenses
  • Improved cash flow and lower collection costs
  • Reduced risk of patient migration due to network coverage
  • Access to a diverse population of payers
  • Contracted network reimbursement
  • Contractual timely payment provisions

Join our networks >

Join our networks

MultiPlan delivers patient volume from a diverse base of health care payers, offers administrative ease and accurate claim repricing and provides multiple service options to ensure you get the most out of your network participation.
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Check application status

Check the status of an application submitted through our online system.
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Maintain your demographic information

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Contracted MultiPlan providers may request updates to their information online via the Provider Portal or by sending changes on the provider’s letterhead to MultiPlan via email to, fax to 781-487-8273 or mail to MultiPlan Registrar, 16 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730. Refer to the MultiPlan provider handbook for complete details. 

Requests must contain the following: 

  • The type of change requested (add, change, delete)
  • Provider Name
  • Street Address, City, State, Zip
  • Phone and Fax Numbers for above address
  • Address Type (mailing, billing, service, etc.)
  • Copy of W-9 form

Group Roster Updates

Changes for providers contracted through a group must be submitted by the group administrator. Please indicate whether the update contains a full roster replacement or changes.

Note: The Registrar email account is for incoming messages only; inquiries will not receive a response.

Helpful Resources

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Provider agreements refer to handbooks which provide detailed information covering a range of subjects such as reimbursement, credentialing and dispute resolution. You may also find it helpful to download a copy of our Quick Reference Guide, which gives answers to most service-related questions, and the Authorized Logo Guide.

If required by your state, certain provisions are included in your contract, as set out in the State Law Coordinating Provision (SLCP) exhibit. Periodically, we make modifications to the SLCP exhibit to reflect changes in state law.

View current SLCP exhibits >

These contract provisions are not applications to participate in our networks. You can apply for participation here(You may use your state’s form in place of the MultiPlan form for initial credentialing when applying to join our networks or for recredentialing purposes. For your convenience, find state forms here.)

MultiPlan's Philanthropic Programs

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MultiPlan's Rural Health Grant

Awarded yearly, this grant provides financial resources to help healthcare providers in rural areas introduce or expand services, education, screenings and other programs aimed at improving the health of people in their communities.

Toy Car Program

MultiPlan’s toy car program supplies battery-powered ride-on toy cars to pediatric units at participating hospitals. The cars give young patients a fun distraction to make their hospital visit a little less scary.  

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