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Dental Payment Integrity Services

Improving payment accuracy for dental claims
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Unique, real-time issue detection

Much of dental waste, abuse and fraud is low dollar, high volume and too costly to be addressed – even in a post-payment model. MultiPlan’s Dental Payment Integrity services change this through a fully automated, high-precision pre-payment detection system that targets all claims large and small. Our intelligent algorithms mimic the outcome of a review by a dentist trained in informatics and forensics. Detailed reports support denial, downcoding and other actions to generate up to 3% savings by preventing improper payments.

Dental Payment Integrity key benefits

Enables analysis of every dental claim, no matter how small

Delivers business intelligence and services to leverage it

Drives payment accuracy, network development and plan benefit design

Learn how Dental Payment Integrity works

Identify improper billing practices with pre-payment review

Only MultiPlan’s Dental Payment Integrity services are designed by dental experts and focused on detecting low dollar, high volume, repetitive issues that account for 80-90% of dental waste, abuse and fraud. Our Dental Payment Integrity services detect issues early, with precision, and deliver five times more savings than average methods. Let us help your organization reclaim dollars lost on overpaid dental claims.

Three key functions

A daily review of claims before payment, with findings available as intelligence and two optional services

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Understand the big picture billing practices in your network so you can address systemic issues.

Detect and Prevent


Detect and Prevent

Avoid paying improper charges with line-level recommendations to deny or downcode charges at issue

Behavior Change


Behavior Change

Change improper billing behavior with proactive education and communication
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Uniquely positioned to bring the most savings to dental payors

Only MultiPlan brings a cost management heritage to payment integrity. We know payment integrity, we know providers, and we know pre-payment. Let us modernize your dated process so you can capitalize on claim savings opportunities that are passing you by today.