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Innovation is nothing new to us

Developing innovative technology solutions is a large part of what we do.  Our technology staff consists of >500 full-time employees with 60% having more than 5 years of tenure with the Company. It is because of our dedicated and talented technology professionals that we are able to deliver success for our clients.

Success through innovation


Machine Learning

Pilot programs focused on enhancing our claims review processes to ensure maximum savings possible



We remain focused on improving provider data quality in healthcare through participation in healthcare provider data pilot programs

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Custom Solutions

Offering industry-leading custom built, ever-evolving waste and abuse detection systems and out-of-network provider claims review services



Agile-focused technology staff working to support enterprise and custom tools and innovative solutions for our payor clients

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Data Processing

With access to over 3 petabytes of structured data and 12 petabytes of total structured and unstructured data, we are able to support the 500,000+ claims processed every day

Awards, accreditations and programs

MultiPlan remains committed to excelling in data security and innovations. Our highest priority for our clients is to ensure data is maintained with the highest level of security possible.

MedTech Breakthrough Award 2023

MedTech Breakthrough Award

MultiPlan received the 2023 “Best Healthcare InsurTech Solution Provider” MedTech Breakthrough Award. Our Dynamic Negotiation Offer solution was selected for its advanced abilities to deliver intelligent offer automation for specific subsets of claims.

HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2)

This certified status demonstrates that MultiPlan’s data transmission and service portal applications have met key information security regulations and industry-defined requirements and that MultiPlan is appropriately managing risk. MultiPlan has achieved this 2-year certification in 2018, 2020 and 2022. This achievement places MultiPlan in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification.

BitSight-The Standard in Security Ratings

BitSight IT Security Rating Organization

BitSight helps organizations like MultiPlan take a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of the organization’s cybersecurity program. MultiPlan continues to be rated at the top of our peer group. MultiPlan compares its profile to the industry on a monthly basis. MultiPlan has consistently been rated above the healthcare/wellness overall industry scores. 


CIO 100 Award

The CIO 100 awards specifically recognized MultiPlan for its negotiation prioritization project that implemented advanced machine learning techniques to streamline this high-touch area of its business, generating greater customer value while improving workflow, efficiency and increasing ROI for MultiPlan. The project team optimized the machine learning effort with a set of complex business rules unique to the company and its customers.

Data Breakthrough Award 2022

Data Breakthrough Award Winner​

MultiPlan was specifically recognized for its negotiation prioritization tool that helps its claims negotiators quickly identify the next best claim to work, leading to greater savings for customers and increased throughput for negotiators.

MultiPlan ACTS

MultiPlan ACTS

A culture of inclusion, respect and continuous innovation through adherence to our four shared values that together form the foundation of MultiPlan ACTS. We recognize and celebrate that our employees drive our technology success. We partner to deliver innovative, stable and secure solutions that drive value for MultiPlan and its clients.

Synaptic Health Alliance

MultiPlan works with industry leading healthcare firms to help advance the transmission of data through allocation modeled blockchain efforts. As a founding member of the alliance, MultiPlan serves a vital part in solving the accurate provider data industry problem among other pilot programs.

Technology Leadership Program

MultiPlan’s Technology Leadership Program (TLP) enriches recent college graduates’ education with intensive real-world experience as they rotate through a variety of specialized areas within our IT department. By working closely with their mentors in a three-year program, our TLP associates are able to realize where their greatest interests lie and are set on a course for career success.

Our culture

A culture of innovation starts with the desire for continuous improvement – to deliver technology every day that is better than the day before. We seek out employees with a curiosity for innovation and the desire to be at the forefront of change. Our vision is one of collaboration where we work together to challenge the status quo and embrace innovative technology and processes with like-minded people.

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