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Analytics-Based Services

Data-driven, customized healthcare cost management solutions

Tailored Solutions for Non-Contracted Savings


Negotiated agreements

Savings with No Balance Billing

Comprehensive- defensible, and data-driven agreements that help ease the burden of balance billing.

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Reference Based Pricing

Our reference-based pricing services offer flexible, cost-effective, data-driven solutions for reducing healthcare costs.


Optimized pricing

Let our AI eagle-eye, Pro Pricer™, remove the guesswork from your out-of-network cost management program.

Offer an advantage for
surprise bills 

MultiPlan uses our analytics-based services to price surprise bills and leverages reimbursement data from millions of claims repriced through these services and accepted by providers to assist in negotiations and calculate offers for arbitration when necessary.
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healthcare savings

Flexibility at its best

In today’s economic environment, priorities shift between maximizing healthcare savings and satisfying health plan members. MultiPlan offers a range of data analytics-driven healthcare cost management services that can be arranged and combined to help you strike the right balance not only today, but also when priorities shift tomorrow.

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health plan members

Analytics-Based Services at a glance

More than

reduced annually
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Delivering savings with member protections on more than

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Unique position, different approach

MultiPlan’s data-driven healthcare cost management services work with — or in place of — healthcare provider networks so you can align your strategies to fit the current economy. Do you need help preparing for the next market shift?

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