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MultiPlan's Technology Leadership Program

Shaping the technology leaders of the future

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What is TLP?

MultiPlan’s Technology Leadership Program (TLP) is a three-year rotational program designed to put recent college graduates pursuing a career in technology on an immediate path to success. Working as full-time employees, participants in the program develop a solid foundation of technology and leadership skills, while receiving mentorship from MultiPlan leaders. By doing hands-on work, TLP associates are able to develop the real-world essential skills necessary for success in the technology field.

How does the program work?

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6-12 month cycle

TLP participants cycle through IT and Operations rotations of their choosing for 6 or 12 months. The rotations cover a variety of innovative technologies and topics, including machine learning, customizing technological solutions for clients, IT security, infrastructure and project management.

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Cross-functional development

During the rotations, TLP participants develop cross-functional knowledge and skills that help them improve the quality of their work and build professional relationships in the workplace.

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At the end of the three-year program, participants “graduate” into a full-time position at MultiPlan.

Today’s TLP associates are tomorrow’s leaders

Throughout the program, TLP associates receive personalized coaching and guidance that help them develop the skills and mindset needed for effective leadership. Participants follow an engaging curriculum that combines formal learning with practical application and real-world experience to cultivate a broad set of skills, such as strategic thinking, decision making, collaborative ideation and influence. Acquiring these leadership skills early in their careers helps them grow beyond their comfort zone, boosts their confidence, offers opportunities for career advancement and positions them for success in future leadership roles.

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Gain experience in the newest technologies and trends

MultiPlan is known for developing innovative technology solutions, and TLP participants benefit from that experience. Their work includes finding solutions to difficult technical issues while learning about new technologies and trends.

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How to Apply

We will begin accepting applications again in the fall of 2024.

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