Comprehensive solutions for property and casualty healthcare payors

Added efficiency and cost-savings for Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical payors 
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Workers’ compensation

Restore productivity for injured workers more quickly and cost effectively.

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Auto medical

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Get more value from your liability dollars – for you and for your policyholders.

Ensuring healthcare network quality

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Case studies

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Case Study: Navigating a challenging environment

An auto medical services provider wanted to distinguish its network-based cost management program to sensitive auto insurance carriers by demonstrating: minimal provider noise through the use of network contracts to reduce medical cost; effective dispute resolution processing.

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Case Study: Partnering to achieve certification

A workers’ comp services provider needed help maintaining State Certified Managed Care programs by: eliminating provider coverage gaps in geographies not addressed by its proprietary network; strengthening coverage for key medical specialties.

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Case Study: Extending the Power of Bill Review

MultiPlan analysis showed a property and casualty servicer how it could strengthen its bill review and network services by: using analytics tuned to find wasteful or abusive medical billing practices not identifiable by more automated bill review programs; implementing resolution strategies appropriate for the severity of issues and nature of the provider relationships.

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Enhance your bill review with advanced payment integrity

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Your bill review program can’t be beat when it comes to applying juris rules and standard edits. You may even incorporate nurse reviews. But provider billing grows more complex every day. MultiPlan’s Payment Integrity services combine automation with clinical review by a board certified physician, certified coder or licensed nurse so that we can target costly, hard-to-catch issues like contradictory or overlapping services, unlikely service combinations and suspect billing patterns.

We fit seamlessly into your bill review process to help you address billing waste and abuse, and deliver an additional 1% to 2% reduction in medical spend.

Containing out-of-network medical spend

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Bill repricing with Data iSight

Defensible, highly accepted pricing methodology for bills with no established fee schedule

Reach agreement using MultiPlan negotiation services

Our 450 negotiators and support staff use sophisticated technology and financial benchmarks to drive success

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Improve competitiveness and reduce medical spend. Use MultiPlan’s payment integrity and cost management services to enhance the value of your property and casualty bill review and managed care program.