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Data & Decision Science Services

Delivering more actionable data into your hands sooner with the right prescription for your best next decision.

Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

MultiPlan offers a variety of solutions that apply modern methods of data science to drive optimal benefit plan design, improve healthcare outcomes, and reduce the total cost of care. Our suite of services support virtually all types of payors including: employers, brokers and TPAs; medical, supplemental and stop-loss carriers; and benefit administrators and PEOs.

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Delivering usable, insightful price transparency data

Our PlanOptix price transparency data solution makes publicly available payor and provider pricing records not only accessible, but immediately useful. We’ve enriched this information with MultiPlan’s proprietary data and strategically packaged it to give you actionable insights.



Supercharge your health plan performance.

BenInsights gives employers and their advisors not only comprehensive dashboards and reports, but also predictive and prescriptive analytic tools. Our risk models identify emerging issues, Smart Cards recommend targeted actions, and plan design analytics optimize future benefit plans.


Risk Analytics & Insights Services

Don’t just act. Impact.

Our Risk Analytics & Insights Services complement actuarial programs with predictive and prescriptive analytics such as risk models and Smart Cards that find and address emerging issues; automated underwriting to improve plan pricing; and analytics that enable insights and recommendations for customers of all sizes.


Services for Supplemental Carriers

We drive more value for six of the top 10 supplemental carriers.

Our Digital Claiming service integrates medical claims to identify, notify and even Auto Pay supplemental benefits. Our Ceres™ tools drive customer-oriented selling for improved close rates, more informed coverage changes and better pricing. 

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