Did you receive an inquiry about buying MultiPlan insurance?  We are not an insurance company.

If you are solicited to purchase MultiPlan Insurance, please read below.

MultiPlan is not a health insurance company and does not sell insurance directly or indirectly through agents or brokers. MultiPlan is not affiliated with anyone or any entity that claims to be selling MultiPlan health plans or insurance policies.

Why is MultiPlan contacting me to purchase insurance?

MultiPlan is not affiliated with anyone that claims to be selling MultiPlan health plans or insurance policies. The person or organization contacting you was likely misrepresenting themselves as MultiPlan.

Why are people trying to sell me insurance?

Sometimes insurance providers or third-party sellers will contact people directly to attempt to sell them health insurance. MulitPlan, however, never calls people to attempt to sell insurance nor will ever do so.

I have a MultiPlan logo on my insurance card. What does this mean?

The MultiPlan Network is a nationwide complementary PPO network. Your health plan is most likely utilizing the MultiPlan Network to give you access to an additional choice of providers that have agreed to offer a discount for services. Primary PPO and selection of a MultiPlan Network provider will lead to the lowest out-of-pocket costs to you.

What to do when you receive false solicitations of MultiPlan insurance.

If you receive a solicitation for health insurance (via phone, fax, or email), you should conduct independent research to confirm the validity of the solicitation before providing any information or making a payment. The underwriter and/or administrator of the plan should be able to provide you with the corporate name under which they are regulated to do business as well as either a summary of the plan or a copy of the policy. You can then confirm this information with your state’s insurance department. Below are some additional resources that might help:

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FCC.gov Recommendations


Contact your state’s insurance department

FTC Complaint