Introducing the 2019 recipients:

A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital
Oneonta, New YorkA.O. Fox Memorial Hospital will implement a food pharmacy program to help address food insecurity issues of patients in the community. Primary care providers at A.O. Fox will refer patients to these food “pharmacies,” which will provide patients with fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy non-perishable items, as well as referrals to support services. The hospital is partnering with local organizations and volunteers to support the program. 

Cuero Regional Hospital
Cuero, TexasCuero Regional Hospital will use their grant to establish an outpatient psychiatric program using telemedicine. There are currently no mental health services in the entire DeWitt County and travel to larger cities for psychiatric services is not a feasible or affordable option for many in the county. The use of telemedicine will enable the hospital to treat patients in their home community, minimize costs of providing these services, while providing quality, coordinated care. 

Mid-Columbia Medical Center
The Dalles, OregonMid-Columbia Medical Center will develop a pilot “Veggie RX” program to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to food insecure patients in their service area. Along with the food boxes, qualified patients will receive follow up support and resource materials and will be monitored by Registered Nurses to evaluate participation. The pilot will be limited to 25 individuals with the goal of launching a larger program with sustainable funding. 

Hemphill County Hospital District
Canadian, TexasHemphill County Hospital District will launch TeleSchool, a school based health center program to increase access to healthcare services for children in the community. A school nurse, working with a licensed healthcare provider via telecommunication will be able to provide exams, diagnoses and treatment at the school. The TeleSchool program provides a solution that will improve access to care, and potentially improve the health of school-aged patients. This program also saves parents from having to take time off work for medical appointments, and reduces utilization of ER for routine care. Congratulations to the 2019 recipients. Learn more about the MultiPlan Rural Health Grant and how to apply here.