July 22, 2021 – HST, a MultiPlan Company, which enables Value-Driven Health Plan (VDHP) benefit plan designs, has partnered with Healthcare Bluebook, the industry-leading healthcare quality and price digital navigation solution, to help employers achieve sustainable health benefit programs by promoting high-quality, affordable care among their members.

HST has pioneered the next generation in Reference-Based Pricing (RBP), enabling Value-Driven Health Plans through technology that facilitates more transparent, accountable, affordable and sustainable health plans by helping to lower medical costs, improve acceptance and predictability over other RBP approaches, and increase plan member satisfaction by helping them make the best use of their benefits. By integrating Healthcare Bluebook’s vast provider quality data and analytics information with HST’s pricing platform, employers and their members can have even greater confidence that they will achieve quality outcomes at a fair price. This comprehensive care navigation solution, available via smartphone apps and proprietary portals, displays cost, quality and patient outcome data — important performance and value indicators — allowing members to easily find the appropriate level of care and provider type.

“Purchasing healthcare is an opaque process that prevents consumers from comparing prices to understand the value of medical care,” said Ryan Day, President, HST. “HST and Healthcare Bluebook share a similar vision to make healthcare easy to navigate. By combining reliable cost and quality data – and by reflecting network participation when a network is in place — we are changing the way healthcare is purchased while facilitating accountable care. Together, we can help consumers select and receive medical care that is appropriate for them.”

According to recent research from Willis Towers Watson, a quarter of U.S. employers use data on provider quality and costs to guide members toward higher-value providers — a figure that may rise to 59% by 2023.

“High-value healthcare can only be achieved when there is true transparency around the quality and cost. At Healthcare Bluebook, we  provide data-driven insights in a consumer-friendly way and offer clarity to consumers and employers,” said Tim Johnston, Senior Vice President of Sales at Healthcare Bluebook. “With trusted partners like HST, we can provide even more robust solutions that reach more Americans.”

About HST, a MultiPlan Company

Since 2009, HST has redefined reference-based pricing. Now part of MultiPlan, HST enables Value-Driven Health Plans for employers of all sizes that, working in place of or in conjunction with a MultiPlan provider network, use innovative technology to equip plan members and their providers  with tools to make optimal use of plan benefits while delivering measurable medical cost reduction to the plan. Together with MultiPlan, HST drives cost down while preserving member and provider relationships.

About Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook uses industry-leading objective quality and price data and claims-driven ROI reporting to deliver healthcare value insights to consumers, employers and healthcare providers and payors. Bluebook’s intuitive online healthcare shopping solution provides employers and members with an easy-to-use benefits solution that increases movement from low-value to high-value care, driving savings and rapid ROI, and provides greater price predictability. Combined with a proven engagement methodology, Bluebook’s innovative suite of services empowers smarter healthcare choices, while decreasing costs and improving healthcare outcomes. For more information, visit healthcarebluebook.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.