Introducing the 2018 recipients

MultiPlan grants help member facilities in rural areas serve the healthcare needs of their communities. In 2018 we awarded rural grants to these hospitals:

Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston, Wisconsin is shining a light on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in their community. They will use the grant to help fund education programs that increase awareness and understanding of dementia-type diseases, decrease the stigma of the disease, and foster community involvement to help improve the lives of those living with dementia. The hospital is also working with local organizations to establish the Juneau County Memory Café, which will offer regularly-scheduled programs, activities and support for individuals with memory issues and their care partners.

Banner Payson Medical Center in Payson, Arizona will use their grant to obtain Wound Care Certification for two nurses. With this certification, nurses will be able to provide specialized care for burns, pressure ulcers, surgical dressings, and other complicated wounds – treatment that currently must be performed by a physician and is not available within 100 miles of this rural town. The certified wound care nurses will also educate patients and other health care professionals in the community.

Limestone Medical Center in Groesbeck, Texas will help members of the community suffering from congestive heart failure manage their disease. The hospital has an established Congestive Heart Failure Clinic and will use the grant to help educate the community about the resources available at the clinic and to purchase tools that patients can use to monitor themselves at home. With education and outpatient resources, this program will help reduce preventable hospitalizations and readmissions.

Conway Hospital in Conway, South Carolina is taking to the streets to deliver mammography services. The hospital will use MultiPlan’s grant to help purchase a vehicle for their “Mammography on the Move” program. The program will bring 3D mammography imaging to women in the Horry County community who might otherwise not be able to visit the hospital for their breast cancer screening.

About the program

MultiPlan knows that a hospital’s relationship with its community is integral to its ability to serve its residents. Since 1995, MultiPlan’s Rural Health Grant Program has awarded more than half a million dollars to help rural healthcare facilities reach out within their communities with healthcare services and educational programs. Learn more about the program, including how to apply, here.